James Duncan O'Brien

James Duncan O'Brien

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You might think surfing is just a hobby to blow off some steam after work or to be with nature. But for Jamie O'Brien, it is not only a job, it's also a way of life. Jamie’s overall goal is not just to be a surfer but to be an overall waterman as well as have fun and be creative. Jamie O’Brien has expanded the surfing community as he broadens and pushes the limits of water sports and how people do them today.

In Jamie's web series named Who is J.O.B? (Jamie O’brien) he broadens and pushes the boundaries of water sports, whether that means just boarding for fun or lighting yourself on fire and surfing one of the biggest breaks in the world.

  James Duncan York O'Brien was born June 9th, 1983 on Oahu, Hawaii. James grew up near Banzai Pipeline (a popular surf spot in Oahu) where his father, Mick O'Brien was the beach lifeguard. As a child, Jamie became interested in surfing. He says the reason for his piquing interest in the sport was talking to the surfers on his father’s beach as well as just watching them. As O’Brien grew up he would compete in small boogie boarding and surfing competitions and start to make a name for himself. When O’Brien turned 18 in 2001, he started his professional career as a surfer. He competed in his first professional competition in 2001. O’Brien competed in Pipe Masters (A large Surfing Competition) where he placed 4th. In 2003, O’Brien won Hansen's PIpeline Pro when he was 21.  And In 2004 he also won the Foster Expressions Trestle Surf Competition and the Rip Curl Pipeline Masters.

In 2012, Jamie released his first episode of an online web series called, Who is J.O.B? In this new creative web series O’Brien introduces a fresh new perspective to the sport and sparks new ideas for future and current surfers. Also with the web series he piques people’s interest in the sport and expands the surfing community. The web series would go on to have 7 more seasons. In the web series, Jamie finds new and different styles of surfing and travels around the globe to find the best possible waves. In the web series, O’Brien also pulls crazy stunts that range from him lighting himself on fire and surfing, to surfing 2nd Reef Pipeline on an inflatable couch. But O’Brien doesn't do it alone; in Who Is J.O.B? he is accompanied by a friend. Sean AKA poopies met O’Brien when he was renting a house from O’Brien on the North Shore of Oahu and bonded with him quite quickly. They have been friends ever since.

One of the things O’Brien did to push the limits of water sports when he was younger, he picked up a finless board and tried to catch a wave at pipe which inspired many. This is one of the reason why he is recognized as a creative surfer and role model to the surfing community at such a young age.

O’Brien has pushed the limits of water sports by doing things that nobody else is doing today. He does exactly that by trying different models of boards as well as applying new styles and tricks to the way he surfs today. He also rides very unorthodox boards that other people wouldn't even think about riding, for example, kayaks, Inflatables, and even as crazy as snow skis.

Overall he inspires watermen around the world by not to be afraid of being a little bit different and taking a risk. One of O’Brien sayings is, “There is not one right way to ride a wave.”  








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